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Haunted by madness, burdened by greatness…

I am..

#BeBold #Tshirt #instamood #instagramaddict #igaddict #igers #instagrammers #iphoneonly  (Taken with instagram)

#BeBold #Tshirt #instamood #instagramaddict #igaddict #igers #instagrammers #iphoneonly (Taken with instagram)

Because I’ve never been ok with being “just ok”, because I’ve never found pride in “getting by”, that’s why I never give any less than all that I have…


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Am I the only one excited that Beyonce has a tumblr! Looooove her she’s such a Virgo like muah!

Ok only corny message I will ever post (unless she also gets an Instagram!)

And the attention she sought after from home was not given, and so to the outside she turned….

Hey there - cool blog you got going! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your content later down the road, great stuff. New follower, can you please follow me back? claytordreams

Hey! Thanks so much! Feel free to reblog all you like! And I’m following!! Thx again

I want not only to be loved, but to be adored

Dream in black and white, LIVE in color

And at last the truth I knew all too well was spoken into the air…solidifying it, strengthening its value…shocking me while not.
It was written in the stars…

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